Week 3 Creative Writing with WEA

Q Create a list poem with the theme of snow

Snow wars

The war of white began late at night

Silently gathering, in numbers amassing, beauties unwelcoming,

Bright dawn, arctic austere, icy spawn, tingle of fear

Hostile terrain, make ready, foreign bane, tread unsteady

Huddled in corners, provisions acquire, summers mourners, maximum attire

Bravely embark, warmth weaponized, at the park, a sled devised

Wet gloves, cold nose, childish shoves, snowball throws

Getting darker, getting colder, street starker, day older

Extraterrestrials now flee the field of battle left slippy.

“Snow wars” by Sarah Falcon 2013

Published by BlueFalcon1983

YA Writer and illustrator

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