Week 2 Creative Writing with WEA

Q In 400 words or less describe or imaging your first memory, remember to develop your writer’s voice.

My First Memory

My hand was in hers as she led me along, all the while her summer dress white with little pink rose blooms fluttered behind and in my face. She was excited, I could tell by the way my feet hardly touched the ground as she lead me outside “Look what daddy has brought Sarah” Moms high tingling voice would always make me laugh. Then that sudden feeling I had of weightlessness. His rough strong hands lifting me high up, he placed me into something brightly coloured, this something I had never seen in our garden before.

The air on this day was warm and dry. They had sat me in the something which was full of warm soft dirt, the same colour as mom’s straw hat. Normally dad wouldn’t let me play in his dirt; he kept telling me something about the beans not being able to grow if I kept taking them out and if I wanted to stay out of the pram I needed to stay clean.  This was nice dirt I grabbed handfuls of it and wiggled my toes in. Mom handed me something equally as bright blue as the large something I was contained in. Mom held my hand around it under her own then made a motion to move the dirt from one place to another. She was so happy when I tried to do this on my own, “Gordon she got it already, she’ll soon be helping you out” dad was kneeling at the edge watching. I thought I’d better offer him some of the dirt as he always seemed to know what to do with it, but the summer breeze blew grit into my face, this dirt did not taste as good as dad’s and my eyes wouldn’t stop blinking, they were so itchy. I must have begun to cry because in the following moment, I found I was once more safely in my daddy’s arms.

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YA Writer and illustrator

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