What’s Sera Reading? The Starless Sea

I fell in love with the author Erin Morgenstern creative style after I read “The Night Circus.” Worlds with mysterious circuses, grand love affairs and beautiful prose are just my ‘cup of tea’. The Starless Sea is a magical realism narrative, a newish gene, that has picked up a large following very quickly. Morgenstern isContinue reading “What’s Sera Reading? The Starless Sea”

Afloat in the Sea of Poppies

Originally posted on My House of Being:
No writer documents more minutely the ravishments of opium addiction than de Quincey, whose Confessions of an Opium-eater influenced contemporary scientific perceptions of the drug and seduced generations of Romantic writers and less illustrious souls hungering for  “a sabbath of repose” from the travails of pain and life…

Dark Tales Magazine

Dark Tales; publish many types of story, provided that the fundamentals are adhered to – grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. If a piece is not professionally presented it will have to be exceptionally good to be considered for publication. Stories should be no longer than 5000 words. They accept horror, speculative fiction and dark fantasy, and anythingContinue reading “Dark Tales Magazine”

Apocalypse Poem

Don’t stop and let me off By SB   The force that kept me on my feet now is causing my days to lengthen. The year’s long day of so much heat. The nightmare of the lasting darkness.   Life giving waters that flow away from us. Now group at the far north and south.Continue reading “Apocalypse Poem”