Birmingham Nature Centre visit

Located on Pershore Road, two miles south of Birmingham City Centre, Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park home to a variety of different animals.Some species they are working with are critically endangered in the wild such as the Yellow Breasted Capuchin Monkeys.

Looking at Mark Hearld

Mark Hearld studied illustration at Glasgow School of Art and then completed an MA in Natural History Illustration at the Royal College of Art, London. His work is based on his observations of the natural world, influenced by mid twentieth century Neo-Romanticism and the gaiety of 1930s Modernism.

mark herald-linos

Outside Your Window is a book of poems and writing for children by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Mark Hearld.  It is full of Mark’s lovely linocuts, lithographs and collage. Combining these medium gives a movement and life to the images and compliment the type of poems Nicola writes really well.

I hope to use this way of working to help me develop my own style and character in the images.



I have attempted to illustrate the Sonnet 130 by William shakespeare, my favorite line being “black wire grows on her head.” getting the hang of working from light to dark tone was a challenge. You don’t think about it normally the fact we are used to starting with a white piece of paper then add color and dark to it. In lino printing we have to work backwards. yes and the words backwards too. You can laugh at me now because i totally forgot and nearly ruined a good hours work. oops