BHGallery Exhibition for World Mental health

As a group of local artist who have all been affected by the problems of Mental Illness we decided that would exhibit some Art, Poems and Music this World Mental Health Day. We all connected though the Time to Change campaign and would just like to raise awareness of Mental Illness and hopefully reach outContinue reading “BHGallery Exhibition for World Mental health”

WEA Poem and Painting Workshop (week 2)

  Sunset   Saffron squashes and sunbeams leap Freedom flows and the field grows Red skies warning artist forming Welcome to our sunset vortex   Blobs of paint were placed in the centre on the page and then the page folder squashing the paint out to make an image of pure chance.   The youngContinue reading “WEA Poem and Painting Workshop (week 2)”

Week 3 Creative Writing with WEA

Q In 400 words or less write from the title “when i was twenty” When I was twenty Twenty at last I’m no longer a teen. Today I have gone out on my own, out into London’s busy streets. Like a bird I glide on the wind, my mind going on its flowing and I’m glancingContinue reading “Week 3 Creative Writing with WEA”

Week 3 Creative Writing with WEA

Q Create a list poem with the theme of snow Snow wars The war of white began late at night Silently gathering, in numbers amassing, beauties unwelcoming, Bright dawn, arctic austere, icy spawn, tingle of fear Hostile terrain, make ready, foreign bane, tread unsteady Huddled in corners, provisions acquire, summers mourners, maximum attire Bravely embark,Continue reading “Week 3 Creative Writing with WEA”