Professor Green’s documentary about suicide – A review by Seraphim Bryant

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We watched this documentary together in the Pear Tree of the student union.

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45. A fact that myself and many others found particularly harrowing. I think this is because women will talk about their feelings whilst men always “say I’m fine” When asked. It is often the misconception that crying, especially in front of others, is “girly” and not socially acceptable for men.

6000 people take their life in Britain every year, 80% of those are male and it’s getting worse.

When Stephen Manderson was only 24 his dad Peter took his own life, just two years before Peter’s own brother also took his own life.

Stephen has often suffered from depression and still has feelings of anxiety. He now knows that he was always an anxious child. This was due to growing up with absent parents…

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