What’s Joshua Reading? The Sandman by Neil Gaiman

The Sandman Book One: Preludes and Nocturnes

Joshua is 18 years old and has in the past struggled with reading on a regular basis. Joshua says the key to getting him into reading was comics and poetry books.

“Both use fewer words to tell the story and must have good rhythm and pace to be worth reading.” – Joshua

Joshua’s review: Neil Gaiman is an awesome writer for children and has some of the best young adult stories going. Even his version of Hansel and Gretel is dark and teen appealing. Not all children want the cute and fluffy happy-go-luck hero. If they enjoy a Tim Burton movie than Gaiman is the writer for them.

The story was interesting and engaging and I never felt bored at any point reading it. Preludes and Nocturnes is the beginning of a much bigger story, so you do have to deal with some story world building and explaining. But, this is a must in all fantasy as you need to know the limits of your hero. That is why this start is one of the best, right from the outset our hero has the biggest fall of his eternity. Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams has been captured and his items of the endless are stolen. We follow his escape and his efforts to return to his realm as king. Along the way he has to learn how people have changed without dreams. The world [worlds] are not as he left them and nightmares are free to cause issues. If only that was his only problem, humans and other mythology folk are also causing problems. Morpheus even has a battle of whit with Lucifer [devil] in person. All really good action and fun. The blending of history with mythology and a modern storytelling form is excellent. Sam Kieth has done a wonderful series of graphic novel illustration from the sketches Gaiman and Leigh Baulch had. The images alone keep your eye on the page.

The Sandman series on Netflix’s is a close enough adaptation that there’s no reason fans can’t jump straight from the Netflix episodes into the graphic novels.

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