What’s Sera Reading? The Hoarder

Seraphim with Tenbury Library’s copy of The Hoarder by Jess Kidd.

This is a very gifted writer at her best. Kidd takes on a roller-coaster of a mystery crossed with a ghost story, including clues to the disappearance of two women, and traps for the reader to fall into. The characters are very strong and original in this setting so, even though we are mostly set in the old house, there is so much to explore. The main charters are Maud Drennan an irreverent Irish care worker who has been assigned the unholy task of bringing order to the life of Cathal Flood, a cantankerous old man who lives with his cats in a decrepit house surrounded by piles of rubbish. I really enjoyed the charter of Mr. Flood the way he talks, the mysterious life he had lead, and plays tricks on Maud. he is a giant of a man and his character arc is also giant. A special mention has to go to Maud’s glorious cross- dressing, agoraphobic neighbor, Renata, who is a beloved element to Maud’s life and such a joy in the narrative. The house itself seems to have a character shown in the amazing imagery and description.

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