What is Sera reading? The Ghost Tree: A Betty Church Mystery

Sera with the Tenbury Library copy in paperback of The Ghost Tree: A Betty Church Mystery

Hello, Its Sera again. A new mystery has arrived at Tenbury Library and you can find it on our Quick Choice Shelf. – What starts as a simple story of a runaway girl turns into a brilliantly twisty tale. The story is split over two time lines both with our lead character narrating. Betty doesn’t disappoint solving both crimes and unraveling the trail of misconception. Betty’s childhood friend Etterly, running from something, hides inside the trunk of a tree and disappears. nothing can be done as the trail goes cold on the police. June, 1940: Inspector Betty Church is alerted to a skeleton being dug up in a local woods. Though most clues have long since decayed, it is wearing an unusual necklace, Etterly’s necklace. A World War Two crime for fans of Agatha Christie. I’m a fan of M.R.C. KASASIAN since the March Middleton series. So, I’m defiantly going to borrow The Suffolk Vampire, I will let you know if its just as good 🙂

Is it part of a series? yes, Betty Church and the Suffolk Vampire is Book 1 The Room of the Dead (A Betty Church Mystery): Book 2 and The Ghost Tree (A Betty Church Mystery): Book 3

Published by BlueFalcon1983

YA Writer and illustrator

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