What is Sera reading? Strange the Dreamer

2017 hardback of Strange the Dreamer.

Hello, I’m Seraphim “Sera” and I’m a Library Customer Assistant at Tenbury Wells Library part of Worcestershire Hub. Part of my day is finding out what kinds of books and titles folks are interested in. Recently, a friendly patron at the library asked me “Sera, what are you reading?” which opened a discussion.

So, in the spirit of sharing and encouraging all ages to read I’d like to tell you what this eclectic reader is reading currently.

STRANGE THE DREAMER is beautiful, the cover took me straight away. I have an illustration degree, so I do-“judge a book by its cover” partly at least. The cover is not the only beauty in this unusual fantasy, an unexpected story which has so many great characters that it’s very hard for me to pick a favorite. The narrative is easy to follow, which is so important in high fantasy such as this. Action is placed well in order to keep the motivation to stay in the story world. Worldbuilding is intense and wholly original, information and description is wound nicely into characters and scenes because there is so much going on, but, still very readable and fluid. Taylor is a very good writer.

Is Strange the Dreamer part of a series?

yes, so far we have two books. Strange the Dreamer 2017 and Muse of Nightmares 2018

If you are interested in finding a copy for yourself, our libraries at Bromsgrove, Kidderminster, Droitwich, Redditch and The Hive Worcester. Alternatively, please check out our website catalogue: https://wcc.ent.sirsidynix.net.uk/client/en_GB/wcc/entlogin

What was the sequel like?

Amy at home with her copy of Muse of Nightmare’s by Laini Taylor

13/12/2021 : The novel follows immediately on from Lazlo Strange and the ghost of Sarai, in the angle and in danger. this book unlike the first is not as balanced between emotional story and action. in distance the characters travel? no far. In the growth of characters maturity? massively. Killing and the choice to kill is the main issue around our new forging teams. The earth bound and the “god-sporn” have a new challenge on top of the problems about reconciliation. Vengeance feeling good in the moment and right somehow verses the knowledge that destroying the enemy would be destroying any hope for yourself and your own kind. Does foregoing vengeance mean that justice must fall by the wayside? A darker more twisted narrative and at the very limits for some young adult readers. Defiantly a teen to adult fantasy adventure.

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YA Writer and illustrator

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