Visiting BCU; Park Side Campus.

The new Park Side Campus next to millennium point was a fantastic building. It’s only a year old so it’s still all white and shiny.

We had an awesome tour around and got a look at all the nice new technology that was on offer to visual communication and Arts students.

So what did we think?

The Pros The Cons

In the city centre.

Lots of up to date tech.

Good security.

Open and well-spaced class rooms.

Has an in house publishing company.

Students have had a competition success recently.

Well know Uni.

Near and very nice accommodation.

Good student social opportunity

“Easily could get lost and knowing me walk right into all this glass.”-S

Costly to commute too and stay in.

Many students, “would I get good support if I came here?” – S

“ bit over the top for me, sounds like high pressure and fast just from the walk round” –H

“city living cost more”-J

An in demand place for Art places requesting on average 270 UCAS points and a brilliant portfolio.

“love it just don’t think they’d take me” – H

“if you wana make movies this is the Uni, Good luck with getting in tho” -B

DSC00015 DSC00016 DSC00017 DSC00018 DSC00019 DSC00020

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