12th century maiden image 

Currently on a project about Worcestershires legendary stories. This is my attempt at a traditional looking Sabrina, goddess of the river Seven. She pleaded for her life before her father’s wife had her thrown into the river to drown.

Illustrating our favourite poem from childhood.

I always found Roald Dahl’s stories and poems hilarious as a child and they still inspire me now. The illustrations by Quentin Blake are so well know it was hard not to be influenced by them when trying to illustrate a Roald Dahl poem.

My Attempt 


Journal entry of a mature student

Oak Tree and Stars by BlueFalcon1983


32 years old and I have made it to university at last.

Worcester University’s team have been so supportive and welcomed me to the crew with open arms (and plenty of paperwork)

So, I will keep you as upto date on my progress during Creative Writing and Illustration. I pray that you will enjoy my artwork as much as I do. Thank you to all my followers for the messages of support and encouragement.

Here we go excited and fearful


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