Week 3 Creative Writing with WEA

Q Create a list poem with the theme of snow Snow wars The war of white began late at night Silently gathering, in numbers amassing, beauties unwelcoming, Bright dawn, arctic austere, icy spawn, tingle of fear Hostile terrain, make ready, foreign bane, tread unsteady Huddled in corners, provisions acquire, summers mourners, maximum attire Bravely embark,Continue reading “Week 3 Creative Writing with WEA”

Week 1 Creative Writing with WEA

Q; In 600 words or less tell me about a special occasion in your life. A Special Occasion. My most treasured occasion was the birth of my first child. Paige had been a surprise instalment to my plans for the future, for a start I had never planned on having any children at all. TheContinue reading “Week 1 Creative Writing with WEA”

New life old mistakes

“life is like a box of chocolates, you don’t know what you may get” It is one of those nice statements that people always try to throw to you to cheer you up. but if your anything like me and have the unique ability of always being able to pick the coffee ones (I really don’t like coffee creams) thenContinue reading “New life old mistakes”