What is Oliver reading? Hercule Poirot Over 50 Stories by Agatha Christie.

I am Oliver and I am currently doing my work experience at Tenbury Library.

I began reading Hercule Poirot after being introduced to the character of Mrs Marple by my father. I have so far enjoyed reading Agatha Christie and Hercule Poirot. It is a classic who’s convoluted plots and intriguing characters still hold up today. The titular Hercule Poirot is the world’s most famous detective (and the world’s greatest if you ask him), his egg shaped head and finely waxed mustache are iconic features making him recognizable even in the crowded world of ‘great’ detectives. However Poirot’s flaws are as pronounced as his moustache primarily his colossal ego which is often shown when he criticizes his most well known companion, Captain Hastings’, ideas.

Despite there being Fifty-two stories in the volume it rarely feels repetitive as Christie constantly throws in twists and rarely lets it turn out the way it first seems. This keeps every story different and unique with one of the few constant factors being that Poirot always seems to figure it out. The crimes range from scamming to save a failing business to murder to keep a secret hidden. The culprits are just as varied: an old man who has nothing left to live for, a dutiful maid that keeps their head down and a wealthy and respected father trying to kill his own children. Every story has a unique way that they accomplished this task from hiding a ruby in a Christmas pudding to killing the person before they last heard alive. These stories truly are ‘Masterpieces in Miniature’.

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