What’s Julie Reading? The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

Julie is a Worcestershire Library Customer Assistant who loves to read an eclectic mix.

‘The Miniaturist’ is set in 17th Century Amsterdam and most of the action takes place in the house of a wealthy merchant. An unusual wedding gift is at the centre of the story which slowly unfolds as the main character, Nella Oortman, gets used to her new life, in a new town as a very young newly married woman. Several chapters in there is a sudden turn of events that had been hinted at, but which still took me by surprise. From thereonin there are revelations about all of the main characters which keep you hooked, wondering what the next revelation could be.

Jessie Burton is a keen observer of human nature and her likeable characters are full of flaws and vulnerable, yet strong and resilient in the face of 17th century prejudices. The ending was a poignant mixture of sadness and hope and I thoroughly enjoyed entering another world and another time and getting caught up in this gripping story.

Published by BlueFalcon1983

YA Writer and illustrator

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