Week 9 Creative Writing with WEA

Q; Open brief, you have 400 words on the subject of your favorite food, Good luck.

Oh Apple Pie

Just a child I was, but the memory stayed long after

Like those long summer day full of laughter

Nanny’s homemade apple pie, with ice-cream too

Many years ago when birds flew and the sky was blue

I tell you it’s true that’s how our world once was

Very few environmental laws until the disaster

No more the world’s master, the storm was faster

Ocean currents now changed our climate rearranged

Warmth exchanged for cold and ice that was the price.

The sky is now white with icy blight; life has to fight for its own right

Nature has taken back her gifts, power she shifts

Southward mankind drifts to where trees still grow

My hope from the snow I bring to sow one lonely apple seed.

Published by BlueFalcon1983

YA Writer and illustrator

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