Week 6 Creative Writing with WEA

Q; Write a short story with Lent as the theme, explore the use of monologue and/or soliloquy to tell the story.

This Lent

– “I forgot to put ash on my forehead this morning, what a wonderful example of Christianity I am. Not that anyone outside would care. They would think I’d just forgotten to wash my face this morning, or worse think I’d fallen asleep whilst smoking and landed head first on my cigarette in hand.

I haven’t even chosen what I’m going to be fasting. It’s no good giving up chocolate again; the PMT was so bad last year. Not that it hurt me much it was everyone around me who had to do the suffering. The point is for me to be in a type of sacrifice, I’m supposed to feel and resist temptation; I need to prove that despite being mortal I can understand the point God made.

Who am I kidding; I don’t understand being human let alone God.

I could give up blasphemy and cursing. Oh but dad did that a couple of years back, I don’t want to end up turning blue while holding my tongue at work , poor old dad.

Maybe I could do a Katharine? She is so pious only eating when the sun is down, now that’s true penitence. Only I know I’d pass out whilst driving grandma and chasing after my demented two-year old, not to mention being my crazy self. Oh god I’d better get a move on, she’ll be waiting. See what I mean, I’m just not good at being a Christian.”

-“Ash yes, prayed yes, bible notes check. Great I hope Marie is on time Jack, it’s been hard since you left. I’m fasting again this lent I’m going to do it this time too, no sneaking snacks, only water in the day this time, I will make you proud of me.

I’ve volunteered at the coffee shop with Marie so god will be more pleased with me now. I know I’m not as good as Marie; she manages to be nice, cheerful and do loads for people. I can’t stand people Jack god knows that. Especially the foreign people living in our country. I don’t know how they can honestly expect me to go to a doctor about private matters when I don’t even understand a word they say. Things are harder for me than her. She has her little family, and her big family have been at that church forever. Marie can just be a Christian it’s in her blood. I have to work at it. I will show them you will see and if god is happy with me maybe he could make you come back to me.  Be more than just an old photo.”

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